Informal seminar - Professor Dr. Matthias Kranz, TU Munich on "mobile didactics"

10/30/2011 13:17
I am happy to announce an informal seminar. Presenter: Professor Dr. Matthias Kranz, TU Munich university, Germany Title: Mobile Didactics (MobiDics) -  a new technical tool called "mobile didactics" for university teachers November 01, Tuesday, 10:30-12:00, at TUV (Tillämpad...

Presentation at Kirk Sullivan's Department of language studies, Umeå university -- Mobile Learning, challenges in research and teaching

10/17/2011 16:49
We -  people of TUV department, Umeå university - are on the way to initiate  a new Research and Teaching Center for Mobile Learning (Mobile Learning Lab). In this presentation emerging problems in the Social Media World are described and new research questions regarding ICT and media...

Do we need to educate the Homo Interneticus, if yes, to what extent?

10/11/2011 11:52
At our IML2011 symposium (, Gerhard Fischer ( said we need to articulate the "problems" first, before we do research. With regard to ICT, media and learning, what problems can we observe in our world? a) We observe an increasing number...

2 PhD positions, Umeå university, ICT media and learning

10/09/2011 19:13
2 PhD positions, ICT media and learning,   (Swedish and English version). Umeå University, (a) Mobile learning at schools and  (b) creative learning cultures (development of fostering creativity in learning...

Homo Interneticus

10/06/2011 15:57
Homo Interneticus?  "The virtual revolution -- How 20 years of the web has reshaped our lives" --- this is a  BBC production, to watch here  or here Does the Web really change how we think? How...
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