On-line - photos and other stories... IML2011 symposium

10/02/2011 16:46
On-line..... photos, recorded sessions and other stories from IML2011 symposium are available here 

Auch virtuelle Welten sind REAL im Sinne sozial-konstruiert!

10/02/2011 10:34
Und schon wieder... Diesmal der Name eines DFG Projekts, es heisst "Kopplung virtueller und realer sozialer Welten" - Auch virtuelle Welten sind REAL und SOZIAL-konstruiert.... Die Frage ist eher, welche sozialen Mechanismen in virtuellen (computer-gestuetzten) Welten wie wirken, inwiefern die...

IML2011 symposium -- Live streams with Bambuser

09/19/2011 19:34
Do you want to attend IML2011 in Umeå/Sweden but are not able to come to Umeå? No problem at all! Here you will find the live streams The symposium about Interactive Media and Learning -- IML2011 -- starts on Wednesday, 21 Sept 2011....

08/11/2011 10:44
...and I opened an account on .

IML2011 Update

08/11/2011 10:39
Interactive Media and Learning is "growing". George Siemens  (Canada) speaks the keynote about his theory of "connectivism". The 2-days program is online. In addition, the conference registration system is online. Further information are on  the Facebook page...
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