Update ""

06/27/2011 14:26
....and finally, here is an upgrade on => Please visit me here ""

Isa's official website at Umeå university

06/21/2011 16:18
My official website at Umeå universitet is online. Go to:

Have a look on Facebook, keep up-to-date

06/20/2011 16:25
I am also on Facebook: Also IML2011 is on Facebook available IML2011 - Interactive Media and Learning - September Symposium 2011 in Umeå/Sweden.

Gerry Stahl, "Theories of Collaborative Cognition", computer-supported ??? learning

06/08/2011 16:22
...certainly, computer-supported collaborative learning!   Sometimes a person must read one paper again and again, and after years again, and then "suddenly" you got it;  you understand what the author wanted to say. Sometimes you must read another author who cites the "one" paper. And...

Rediscovery of

05/04/2011 17:47
Test area....
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