Best paper award - WOW, that's fantastic... :-)

04/15/2011 11:23
The paper written by Claudius Terkowsky, Christian Pleul, Isa Jahnke & A. Erman Tekkaya (2011): Platform for E-Learning and Telemetric Experimentation (PeTEX). Tele-Operated Laboratories for Production Engineering Education, In Proceedings IEEE EDUCON 2011, Amman/Jordan (DBPR) Best...

Arrival in Umeå

04/14/2011 17:34
Arrived on 1 April 2011!  I am now in Umeå - it is in Northern Sweden. I started at Umeå University and got the position of "Professor in ICT, media and learning" at the Department of Applied Educational Science; in Swedish it is called "Tillämpad utbildningsvetenskap". More...

Research at HDZ, Center for Research on Higher Education, TU Dortmund university (Germany)

04/14/2011 17:13
 Here you can find my activities at the Center for Research on Higher Education (HDZ), TU Dortmund university (Germany). I was there 3 years  -from March 2008 until March 2011: and (English)  

Sharing experiences...

08/06/2009 22:24
Sharing experiences... some thoughts: "We don't live in an open world. It is an alleged open world. 1) 2013_Jahnke-Alleged.pdf (174,4 kB) 2) 2013_Jahnke-Sociotechnical.pdf (155,1 kB) Comments are very welcome!

Website launched

07/30/2009 09:44
On more detail go to  
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