Learning Spaces of tomorrow

Integrating User Experience (UX) and Learning Experience Research (LX) to improve learning in the digital world

11/02/2020 19:41
We see a new emergent field that combines UX and LX research to advance educational technology and the field of Learning Design & Technology. The edited and open access book by Matt Schmidt, Andrew Tawfik, Isa Jahnke, & Yvonne Earnshaw (2020) is the first of its kind that collects work that...

University of Missouri - Featured Profile: Isa Jahnke

09/27/2017 12:12
Dr. Isa Jahnke examines whether technology is user-friendly and helps educators envision the future of creative technology-enhanced learning. https://mizzouadvantage.missouri.edu/project/featured-profile-isa-jahnke/  A specialist in user experience studies, Jahnke studies how...

Designing the creative classroom of the future - Interview with Isa Jahnke

07/05/2015 10:02
The text below is from an interview with Professor Isa Jahnke, Umea University, 2012. The original article can be found here: https://www.umu.se/english/research/popular-science/researcher-profiles/isa-jahnke Read also the Swedish research portrait...

From Interaction to Crossaction - new designs for teaching and learning in a networked world

05/26/2015 14:53
From interaction to crossaction... Under the premise that the digital world is a new form of multiple communication spaces, with many different layers, the book argues that human action in such a networked world is not only grounded in interactions, but rather on multiple crossactions within and...

Approaching a New Normal in education?

05/07/2013 18:13
Peter Hinssen (2010) created the idea of approaching a "New Normal" at the example of societal processes in a digital world. Following this idea, we (Anders Norberg and Isa Jahnke) question whether higher education and schools do also approach a new normality in some years or not. Does education...

Research projects on *digital didactical designs* and iPad-Didactics

06/01/2012 20:44
Abstracts to our research projects can be found here: iPad-Didactics in schools and higher education Mobile Learning Creative Learning Rethinking Blended Learning (is there any unblended learning?)  

Conceptual framework for a "mobile learning center"

10/17/2011 16:27
We --  some  members of TUV/IML department, Umeå university --  wrote a conceptual paper for a  research and teaching center for mobile learning. This paper is based on input and feedback given by Peter Bergström, Krister Lindwall, Leif Marklund, Eva Mårell-Olsson, Fredrik...

Understanding, reflecting, designing mobile learning spaces of tomorrow

10/17/2011 16:10
IML group --  TUV department / Umeå University -  is on the way to initiate a new Research and Teaching Center for Mobile Learning (Mobile Learning Lab). In this presentation emerging problems in the Social Media World are described and new research questions regarding ICT and media in...