Research on academic development and didactics -- professor Johannes Wildt visit Umeå university

09/05/2012 08:19
LUNCHTALK Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Johannes Wildt  from TU Dortmund university, Center of Didactics, talked in our  LunchTalk at Umeå university about Challenges of Didactics and academic development - Looking Back and Move Forward. (Tuesday, 4th Sept 2012, 12:00-14:00, Sandwiches and...

COSCI12 conference - my slides

08/04/2012 17:48
COSCI12 Conference - my keynote slides "Informal Learning via Social Meda - Does it Affect Formal Teaching and Science?" Further information on my keynote talk   cosci2012-isajahnke-v2 from Isa Jahnke.

call for papers - Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) at the workplace / work-based learning

07/12/2012 09:50
Call for Papers Workshop at ACM GROUP 2012 "CSCL@Work Revisited - Beyond CSCL and CSCW" - Research, Practice, Design for Work-based Learning We announce an interdisciplinary workshop to explore key design principles of collaborative learning in the...

Workshop - CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: "CSCL at work - research, practice, design for work-based learning"

06/17/2012 18:39
KEYNOTE  - John Seely Brown confirmed his coming :-) We are happy to announce the workshop keynote by JOHN SEELY BROWN  at our Workshop "Computer Supported Learning at the Workplace" titled as "CSCL@Work - research, practice, design for work-based...

What is "blended" in blended learning?

06/07/2012 13:17
Dear European researchers,  "blended learning" is a usually a mix of .... ? Sure, easy....or not? Actually, what does "blended" mean in blended learning? Have you ever asked yourself if there is any "unblended" learning? We are looking for European perspectives on “blended learning”. Is...

L3T book arrived in Umeå -- and is already on its way back to Germany....

06/05/2012 10:19
The German book  "Lehrbuch für Lernen und Lehren mit neuen Technologien"  arrived in Umeå, Sweden. The editors Martin Ebner and Sandra Schön call this "L3T on tour"   -  a great idea! L3Tbuchisajahnke1.JPG Unfortunately, the...


06/01/2012 21:15
Abstracts to our 6 projects, started in 2011-2012, can be found here: iPad-Didactics (projects 1 to 3) (Isa Jahnke) Mobile Learning (Andreas Olsson) Creative Learning  (Lars Norqvist)  Rethinking Blended Learning: "is there any unblended learning?" (Anders Norberg)

"The Invisible Girl" in the age of technology and Social Media - CONFERENCE

05/23/2012 16:51
On June 7th the conference Invisible Girl will take place at Bildmuseet on Umeå Arts Campus, Umeå, Sweden. This is to celebrate the launch of the "online anthology Invisible Girl", where forty researchers and artists describes and problematize girls and girlhood". Organizers: Gun-Marie...

KLÄM konferens in Umeå/Sweden - Conference on Didactics focused on "media use and learning"

05/09/2012 11:11
KLÄM Conference 2012 on "Learning, didactics and media use" Umeå University, May 14 to 16, 2012 Website: (Swedish) The conference is organized by the Swedish Didactic Network. In 2012, the theme is...

Mobile Learning and Creativity Workshop at EC-TEL2012 - call for papers

05/05/2012 17:27
Website:   Organizers:   Ilona Buchem, Isa Jahnke & Carl Smith The Mobile Learning and Creativity Workshop (MLCW12) is a full-day workshop devoted to sharing and designing innovative approaches and solutions aimed at fostering...
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