Workshop "CSCL@Work" at Group2012 (Oct. 2012)

04/21/2012 10:18
  ACM Group Workshop organized with  Sean Goggins and Volker Wulf on CSCL@Work - research, practice, design, accepted. Workshop information coming soon on Workshop (PDF): CSCL@Work revisited – beyond CSCL and CSCW? Research, Practice, Design: Are There Key...

COSCI12 -- Conference on Science and the Internet , 1-3 Aug 2012

03/20/2012 12:50
COSCI12 Conference on Science and the Internet; 1-3 Aug 2012 The interdisciplinary conference “Science and the Internet”, to be held August 1-3, 2012 in Düsseldorf, brings together researchers and practitioners from multiple disciplines...

Educational Apps / iDidactics..... The iPad as...

03/19/2012 12:59
iDidactics... Go to EdTechTeacher : The iPad as reader, creator, student response system, classroom manager, study tool, organizer, differentiator. A really good starting...

IADIS Mobile Learning Conference -- slides, article

03/13/2012 11:52
IADIS International Conference Mobile Learning 2012 Berlin, Germany 11-13 March 2012 Our presentation titled "Understanding, Reflecting and Designing Learning Spaces of Tomorrow" was on Monday March/12, 2012. Andreas Olsson, Peter Vinnervik and I did present...

Umeå University on "Vimeo"

03/03/2012 18:05
Isa Jahnke, professor i IKT, media och lärande from Umeå University on Vimeo. More videos from Umeå University

IML presentation at IADIS International Conference "Mobile Learning 2012”

02/19/2012 14:02
The IADIS International Conference “Mobile Learning 2012” takes place in Berlin: 11-13 March, 2012 The paper by the IML group, Umeå university, titled  "Understanding, Reflecting and Designing Learning Spaces of Tomorrow" by Isa Jahnke, Peter...

Keynote "Mobile Learning" -- DOSS 2012 -- Folien zum Vortrag

01/30/2012 16:50
Folien zur Keynote "Mobile learning" von Isa Jahnke.... Die 5. Dortmund Spring School for Academic Staff Developers (DOSS 2012), TU Dortmund, titled "Organisation und Innovation - Beiträge der Hochschuldidaktik zur Hochschulentwicklung" takes place in Dortmund/Germany. The conference language...

Call for Papers -- ACM Conference Group'12 -- Be there! :-)

01/07/2012 13:26
Group 2012 - Papers & Notes Deadline - March 1st. Be there. :-) Group is a unique conference because of the close interaction between participants, and the depth of discussion that occurs during and following sessions....

Mobile Learning Website -- IML group at TUV/Umeå university

12/15/2011 10:28
IML group at the Department of Applied Educational Science launched a new website  :   Feedback is appreciated! :-)

Lunch Talk - slides available!

12/14/2011 13:45
At the second Lunch Talk at the Department of Applied Educational Science, I was the speaker today. "Creative Learning Cultures - Educational Innovations in a Web2.0-world" -- updated! Here are the slides     How to redesign formal education supported by new technologies? Lunch...
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