2001-2005 (selection)

10/30/2011 09:44

Juni 2005      
“The Case of the INPUD Community: Online as well as Regional" (Presentation)
 Position-Paper. In: Workshop “Collaboration, cooperation, transaction in various communities: Exploring differences and commonalities”.
  Workshop held on the 2nd International Conference on Communities and Technologies, 13-16 June 2005 Mailand, Italy

Sept 2004      
The development of social roles and online communities - a framework for organizatinal learning (Presentation)
  „Rollenentwicklung und Online-Communities: ein Modell zur Organisationsentwicklung“
  im Rahmen der Mensch & Computer Konferenz, CSCW-Doktoranden-Workshop,
  Organisator: Michael Koch

Dez 2003    
Role-based knowledge sharing in sociotechnical systems (Presentation)
  „Rollenbasierter Wissensaustausch in soziotechnischen Systemen“,
  Symposium titled „Wissensmanagement & Selbstorganisation“,
  HDZ, Universität Dortmund in Kooperation mit der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung

together with Th. Herrmann, G. Kunau &, H. Schneider (Workshop)
  “Patterns of socio-technical Systems - Characteristics and Requirements in the Field of CSCW-Applications”,
  Workshop at the International conference “CSCW 2002” (USA)