Herrenhauser Symposium 2017 - Design Trade-Offs for Quality of Life

10/19/2017 14:59

Gerhard Fischer (Univ of Colorado, USA), Thomas Herrmann (Univ of Bochum, Germany) and Volker Wulf  (Univ of Siegen, Germany) invited researchers to discuss Grand Challenges of the digital age:

Approx. 45 people met in October 2017 (18-20 Oct) . Topics included Support for Learning, Work/Life-Balance, Privacy vs Personalization, Value Sensitive Design, Mobility for all and more. Outstanding researchers presented their work, for example,  Gloria Mark, Batya Friedman, Pelle Ehn, Cindy Hmelo-Silver, Gerry Stahl, Alfred Kobsa and others.


On the photo below (from right to left): Cindy-Hmelo-Silver, Gerry Stahl, Isa Jahnke