Teaching practices - a chronological view of 2001-2011

10/23/2011 19:16

In 2001, I started with teaching at universities. We used a - blended learning approach -  to support learning through  technologies.

  1. First, I transformed classical learning scenarios into blended learning by using BSCW – the German document management platform called BSCW (comparable to today’s learning management systems, LMS) .
  2. Later, I incorporated discussion boards (forum, php-software) and introduced socio-technical learning communities.

In 2007, I began to include different Web 2.0 platforms in my "classrooms", for example, wikis, blogs, Twitter, e-mindmaps, and student generated webtours (similar to webquests).

From 2005 to 2008, I also was a teacher at the Bochum University (Germany) where the classes had a “week of real practice” what  means the students applied their knowledge in real cases (case-based learning) within industries or other organizations (e.g., non-profit institutions). For instance, I worked closely with Thyssen Krupp (steel industry), Opel (automobile industry), a high school in Bochum, and Materna (consultancy in the field of software-engineering).

From 2008 to 2011 -  3 years  -  I was at the Center of Research on Higher Education and Faculty Development (TU Dortmund university) where I also gave workshops for new and experienced university teachers. Continuing education, in forms of 2-days workshops, embraced in particular topics like "Web 2.0, Social Media, eLearning and Co. in teaching and learning at universities" and "how to teach creativity in different disciplines".

These workshops are especially for academic staff, teachers and professors. I use interdiscinplinary and subject oriented didactical approaches. I also held workshops at the universities of Trier, Münster and Cologne. In 2011, I  organized workshops at TU Berlin university and Thueringen ("HIT" initiative).