Integrating User Experience (UX) and Learning Experience Research (LX) to improve learning in the digital world

11/02/2020 19:41

We see a new emergent field that combines UX and LX research to advance educational technology and the field of Learning Design & Technology. The edited and open access book by Matt Schmidt, Andrew Tawfik, Isa Jahnke, & Yvonne Earnshaw (2020) is the first of its kind that collects work that integrates UX and LX.

Watch a 7 mins. video about the book:

As Matt Schmidt said on the AECT2020 conference, "Ultimately, this work is predicated on the premise that the complexity of designing for learning with technology cannot be adequately informed on the basis of theories and models derived from educational psychology and learning sciences alone."

But what is UX and LX?

In really simple words,

  • UX focuses on human-computer interaction,
  • LX focuses on how people learn.

"LX is not only concerned with the effectiveness of designed learning interventions, but also with the interconnected and interdependent relationship between the learner- (or the teacher-/instructor-) as-user, the designed technology, novel pedagogical techniques or instructional strategies, and the learning context.”

from the chapter “Introduction to the Edited Vol.", Abstract: