iPad classrooms in Columbia Public Schools

03/07/2017 17:24

We had a wonderful first day at Columbia Public Schools when we visited iPad classrooms. This is especially exciting for me because I visited more than 70 iPad classrooms in Denmark,  Sweden, Norway and Finland in previous years,  and of course I am absolutely curious about the Next-Generation of apps in K-12 iPad classrooms. Apple Classroom seems to be an interesting new tool for teachers to manage the classroom. Schoology is a learning management system that also integrates features of collaborative quizzes. It also gives access to learning analytics which seems to be a huge topic in the schools.  In March 2017, we will visit  approx. 25 ipad classrooms with up to three researchers from Mizzou / University of Missouri-Columbia. We will use my observation sheet called Digital Didactical Designs  (Jahnke, 2016) that we tested in previous research.

Thanks to all the great teachers, principals and others who support this work - a wonderful step towards engaged partnerships between Mizzou and schools.  We really appreciate all your effort and creativity!