09/28/2014 17:56

Looking back and looking forward - isa jahnke was keynote speaker / isa jahnke is general co-chair of ACM GROUP 2014

Exciting weeks! Really exciting.


I have been to Norway nearby Oslo and did present our research work about media tablets in schools. The “Centre for ICT in education” (Norway) organized a National conference for actors in schools (teachers , leaders,…)  with the title “Nettbrett i skolen” (media tablets in schools); it was a 2-day event from 25-26 Sept 2014. Furhter information in Norwegian: https://iktsenteret.no/kalender/nettbrett-i-skolen-2014#.VBRACUhY6Tp



From 9-12 November 2014, there will be the next ACM GROUP 2014 conference which deals with research topics such as sociotechnical design, CSCW, IS, Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) and more. I am  general co-chair together with Sean P. Goggins (UNv. of Missouri) and just happy that we organize just an exciting event. 




Prof. Dr. Isa Jahnke

University of Missouri
School of Information Science and Learning Technologies (SISLT, iSchool)
Associate Professor &
Director of the IELab