Presentation at Kirk Sullivan's Department of language studies, Umeå university -- Mobile Learning, challenges in research and teaching

10/17/2011 16:49

We -  people of TUV department, Umeå university - are on the way to initiate  a new Research and Teaching Center for Mobile Learning (Mobile Learning Lab). In this presentation emerging problems in the Social Media World are described and new research questions regarding ICT and media in teaching and learning. Additionally, the theoretical background is provided. Finally, we list challenges for research and teaching we face today -- with regard to create new learning spaces  - the classroom of tomorrow.


We -- IML members -- wrote a conceptual paper for a research and teaching center for mobile learning. This paper is based on input and feedback given by all IML members. Ideas have been collected in a meeting in September 2011. Especially, Peter Bergström, Krister Lindwall, Leif Marklund, Eva Mårell-Olsson, Fredrik Paulsson, and Peter Vinnervik provided revisions on different versions. Based on this paper, I created the presentation.

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