slides from EDENRW9

10/06/2016 11:37

Here are my slides from EDENRW9

Studying Learning Expeditions in CrossActionSpaces with Digital Didactical Designs

As web-enabled mobile technologies become increasingly integrated into formal learning environments, they are merging to create a new kind of classroom: CrossActionSpaces (informal-in-formal spaces) in which communicative learning takes place across traditional boundaries. The term offers a view from social sciences, emphasizes a change of human action: from pure inter-action into cross-action. Under these new conditions the question are: how to conceptualize and design for learning, how can teaching helps learning?  In this keynote, Isa Jahnke presents the framework of Digital Didactical Designs (DDD) which can be used to study and to reflect on educational practices toward deeper learning expeditions.

Note: on last slide there is a statement called "learning by topic" vs. subject. I rather meant with subject "disciplinary programs".