Swapna Kumar has been invited to Umeå University

10/04/2013 11:35

Ass. Prof. Swapna Kumar (https://plaza.ufl.edu/swapnak/) from University of Florida in Gainesville has been invited to Umeå University. We invited her to discuss Educational Technology, Instructional Design and  the design and quality management of graduate professional programs (Master and Doctoral) in Educational Technology at UFL:s College of Education ( https://education.ufl.edu/educational-technology) . It was an intensive week of deep discussions and future scenarios on "re-imagining learning".

Further information about Swapna's talk here

In the end of the week, we had a great dinner with Swapna Kumar and Anders Norberg, Andreas Olsson, Lars Norqvist, Peter Bergströn, Eva Mårell-Ohlsson as well as Isa Jahnke (not on the photo).