Tablet-mediated learning: the mindset on the move

08/28/2014 21:45

We have exciting news.

a) Our research work has been recently accepted for publishing in high quality conference proceedings of EC-TEL2014 (European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning) and ACM GROUP’14 (Supporting Groupwork).

b) We happy that our research in the Danish Odder Kommune has  appreciated in the 3rd year of their media tablet project. Slides are available online (see below). We are very happy for getting feedback to our results from may different actors such as teachers, pupils, leaders and municipal actors.

Odder Kommune is on Danish TV (28 Aug 2014) and our research is mentioned there:


The photo show the camera team from TV2 Østjylland, Isa Jahnke and in the background some pupils form a school in Odder Kommune in Denmark.

c) We have a new cooperation with Marko Kuuskorpi from City of Kaarina in Finland. The municipality has bought media tablet for all their 3,000 pupils and teachers.

2014-06-11 10.51.30-Marko

Photo shows Eva Mårell with GoogleGlass (Umeå Univ), Marko Kuuskorpi (City of Kaarina, Finland) and Andreas Olsson (Umeå Univ.).

d) New publications

Isa Jahnke, Lars Norqvist, Andreas Olsson (2014).
Digital Didactical Designs of Learning Expeditions. In: The 9th ECTEL2014 conference proceedings (full paper).

Lars Norqvist, Isa Jahnke, Andreas Olsson (2014).
The Learners’ Expressed Values of Learning in a Media Tablet Learning Culture. In: 9th ECTEL2014 conference proceedings (short paper).

Isa Jahnke, Niels V. Svendsen, Simon K. Johannsen, & Pär-Ola Zander (2014).
The Dream About the Magic Silver Bullet – the Complexity of Designing for Tablet-Mediated Learning. In: ACM GROUP 2014 conference proceedings.