Umeå University invited to discuss the New Horizon Report 2013 - Higher Ed... - Learning Analytics for students!

02/26/2013 17:18

We had a really inspired discussion on  the New Horizon Report 2013 - Higher Ed - with Mats Deutschmann , Mats Almkvist and Tomas Holmgren.
Topic: learning analytics.

There is an ethical problem with *learning analytics in higher ed*: Who wants to make mistakes when teachers expose learners by using big data? Do we really want to have teachers who control students by using data? An alternative option is students get access to the data! We talked about a new project on "learning analytics for students" for supporting self-assessments (process-based assessment; read Peter Bergström Phd study). Do not analyze students by big data, creating social relations instead.

Download  the report:

The entire meeting was really great! Approx. 25 people did attend. Thanks to Anders Norberg (Umeå/Skellefteå) and Satish Patel (HumLab) for organizaing this event :-))
Let's do it again in Feb 2014.