University of Missouri - Featured Profile: Isa Jahnke

09/27/2017 12:12

Dr. Isa Jahnke examines whether technology is user-friendly and helps educators envision the future of creative technology-enhanced learning.

A specialist in user experience studies, Jahnke studies how technology-enhanced designs affect learning and work. She investigates the ways in which new learning technologies could enhance education in the classroom and the workplace. Her results show how to design for creativity in higher education, how to utilize remote labs in engineering education and how to make use of tablets in schools for meaningful learning. With her socio-technical human-centered design approach, she helps technology developers to make their products and processes more user-friendly and usable.

Jahnke is also interested in how offline and online worlds merge together, a phenomenon she calls CrossAction-Spaces. In 2016, she published a book, “Digital Didactical Designs: Teaching and Learning in CrossAction-Spaces” which guides teachers and researchers through new ways to study and conduct technology-driven education. The book has been very well received, with one reviewer calling it “a compelling, rich and thoughtful vision of the future.”

In addition to her research and writing, Jahnke – who joined the University of Missouri faculty in 2015 – teaches courses in information science, designing computer-support collaborative learning and learning with web-based technologies.

 Dr. Isa Jahnke  is an associate professor and Director of Research for the Information Experience Lab at the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies (SISLT) in the College of Education.