Where I was the years ago

04/14/2011 17:40


Assistant Professor, Post-doc position and PhD

  • I spent 3 years (4/2008 - 3/2011) at the Center for Research on Higher Education and Faculty Development at TU Dortmund university (Assistant Professor) where she studied within the field of Institutional research, creativity in the Web 2.0 world, and studied teaching and learning in higher education, and its socio-technical-educational design aspects.https://www.hdz.tu-dortmund.de/?id=isa-jahnke
  • In 2005-2008, I did conduct several research projects (post-doc position) at the Department of Information and Technology Management, Bochum university https://www.imtm-iaw.rub.de/personenund/personen/ij/index.html .
  • From 2001 to 2004, I worked at the Faculty of Informatics at Dortmund university (PhD position). 

Work experience

  • 1998 to 2001: I worked at organizational consulting companies, PROGNOS (Cologne) and Krups Consultants (Düsseldorf)

Academic education

  • My Diploma thesis was finalized in 1997 (Master/Diploma Degree in Social Science)