#Odder / a 1:1 media tablets program in Danish schools (K-9), iPads-Didactics

The municipality Odder in Denmark implemented iPads for all their 7 schools. Approx. 200 teachers (in October 2011) and 2,000 students got iPads  in january 2012 (1:1 program). The decision was made due to their old laptops. Instead of buying laptops for all students and teachers, the municipality, school leaders and teachers did decide to try media tablets. When they made the decision in 2010, there was no other equal media tablet on the market in comparison to the Ipad. (Today they also could have chosen other tablets). In 2010, they decided to try iPads.  The municipality project leader Lise Gammelby was looking for a research team and we said yes.

The research team have three central questions: a) What are the understandings of the school teachers and what forms of desings for teaching and designs for learnig (Lund & Haug, 2011), do they construct? b) What do they do in practice in the classroom; how do they use the media tablet? Is the iPad integrated in a tradtional teacher-student-communication or are there any new forms of didactical desings, which ones? c) To what extent *could* the media tablet be used in the classroom from International experts' point of view? What are the possibilities?

It will be done by a qualitative research approach with mixed research methods, especially classroom observations and interviews with teachers, school leaders and head teachers.

Professor Isa Jahnke