Teaching at the University of Missouri-Columbia , U.S.A. (started in 2015)

  • Online Course, 9440  "Learning with the Internet" Fall 2016, 26 students
  • Doctoral seminar, Research and Design in Information Science and Learning Technologies, Fall 2016, 7 students
  • Online Course, 9440  "Learning with the Internet" Spring 2016, 23 students.

Teaching practices 2011-2015 at Umea University, Sweden

  • Theories in Educational Research, Spring 2015
  • ICT in Education, Spring 2014
  • involved in the course "Introduction into Applied Educational Sciences", Fall 2014
  • involved in the course "Applied IT in Schools", Spring 2012

Teaching practices 2001-2011 in Germany (TU Dortmund university, Ruhr-University Bochum)


In my teaching, I conducted app. 30 classes (from 2001 to 2011) including seminars, lectures and tutorials for Bachelor and Master students (B.A./M.A.) in different disciplines

  • computer science
  • teacher educaiton (sociology and educational sciences).

I have a wide range of teaching practices and I'm supervisor for PhD students.


Workshops for Academic staff & university teachers 
-- Didactical Workshops for university members, starting in 2008 --

Since in 2008, I to give workshops and offer continuing education for academic staff, university teachers and professors of different disciplines (e.g., in Math education, Social Sciences, Architecture, Physics, Languages)  started at TU Dortmund university.

Such 2-days workshops embraced in particular topics like

  • "Web 2.0, Social Media, eLearning and Co. in teaching and learning at universities" and
  • "how to teach creativity in different disciplines" (together with Tobias Haertel, TU Dortmund).
  • 15 interdisciplinary workshops across all disciplines

I also held those workshops at the universities of Trier, Münster and Cologne. In 2011, I  organized workshops at TU Berlin university, University of Jena and Thueringen ("HIT" initiative).

I enable learning where Interdiscinplinary and subject-oriented didactical approaches can learn from each other (Jahnke & Wildt, 2011, edited book in German).


10/23/2011 19:20

My understanding of Teaching and Learning (in a nutshell)

I apply a learning approach where I enable an learning space for students to be creative and to solve problems within a team. To support collaboration, I use scaffolding and coaching methods ("Shift from teaching to student-centred learning").

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10/23/2011 19:16

Teaching practices - a chronological view

In 2001, I started with teaching at universities. We used a - blended learning approach -  to support learning through  technologies. First, I transformed classical learning scenarios into blended learning by using BSCW – the German document management platform called BSCW...

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Dr. Isa Jahnke

University of Missouri
School of Information Science and Learning Technologies (SISLT, iSchool)
Associate Professor
Director of Research for the IELab