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You want to know more about learning design & technologies or learning experience design (LXD) research? You want to design, develop or evaluate digital learning or digital teaching? This is the place! 

My book "Digital Didactical Designs - Teaching and Learning in CrossActionSpaces" has been published in 2016, Routledge. Although that seems to be 5 years too old, it is still innovative and ahead of our time. Maybe now, where so many people experienced online learning due to Covid19 restrictions, my book is even easier to understand than it was 5 years ago and more people can relate to the creative ideas of how to design for learning expeditions? Take a chance and have a look! You will be surprised -- or so I hope. Send me your thoughts!

P.S. Did you know that I already wrote about Digitale Didaktik in 2009?

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(Presentation in German) Wie wird digital-gestütztes Lehren und Lernen an der neu gegründeten TU Nürnberg aussehen? (gegründet 2021) Was sind unsere Pläne? Erste Einblicke erhaltet ihr heute hier im Live-stream :-) Diskutiert mit!

How do you turn "I have to learn" into "I want to learn"? Among other things, this was the topic of Gerhard Fischer's presentation "The Challenge for the Digital Age: Making Learning a Part of Life" He is em. Professor at University of Colorado at Boulder. Using research results, he showed the importance to view...



D&D- Where is the "Learning" In Learning Experience Design: Implication for Methodology and Measurement

Last year (January 2021) the University of Technology Nuremberg (Technische Universität Nürnberg ) in Germany was founded: we call it UTN. It is a totally new university (higher education institution). And that doesn't happen too often.

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