AECT 2020 - join our online workshop - UX4LX: User Experience Methods for Evaluating and Improving Learning Experience With Digital Technologies

09/21/2020 15:05
UX4LX Workshop The goal of this half-day workshop is to introduce user experience (UX) methods for designing a positive learner experience (LX) with digital technologies, an area in which UX is under-utilized. Participants will develop an understanding of UX for LX through hands-on projects. As...

New look & feel

09/02/2020 15:44
Hi dear reader,  today, I updated my webiste and integrated a new look & feel. If, in any case, you experience  hyperlinks or other items are not working, it would be super nice, to let me know, so that I can fix it. Send email to . Many thanks!  See you...

"Online Educator" - our study program is 100% online, 20 years of experience -- Enroll! It is great :-)

05/07/2020 13:27
Learn to design, develop, and implement technology in education, remote teaching, online learning, training and performance support: Our Master (M.Sc.) program "Learning Technologies and Design" at the University of Missouri-Columbia (United States of America) offers...

ZOOM webinar - Teaching Online Courses: Basic Principles for Asynchronous Online Learning (slides / recordings)

04/30/2020 14:39
Our ZOOM webinar addressed the topic of Teaching Online Courses. We shared guidance about "Basic Principles for Asynchronous Online Learning". My colleague Dr. Jane Howland and I shared our experience with online teaching and learning. Dr Howland has taught online for more than 20 years. I do it...

ZOOM Webinar “Teaching Online Courses - Basic Principles for Asynchronous Learning”

04/16/2020 09:33
ZOOM Webinar “Teaching Online Courses”   With the onset of COVID-19, there is a sudden need for “remote teaching”. Remote teaching is often applied as synchronous online teaching (i.e., moving the lecture hall into Zoom). Such ZOOM meetings may include active or gamified elements, but are...
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