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You want to know more about learning design & technologies or learning experience design (LXD) research? You want to design, develop or evaluate digital learning or digital teaching? This is the place! 

My book "Digital Didactical Designs - Teaching and Learning in CrossActionSpaces" has been published in 2016, Routledge. Although that seems to be 5 years too old, it is still innovative and ahead of our time. Maybe now, where so many people experienced online learning due to Covid19 restrictions, my book is even easier to understand than it was 5 years ago and more people can relate to the creative ideas of how to design for learning expeditions? Take a chance and have a look! You will be surprised -- or so I hope. Send me your thoughts!

P.S. Did you know that I already wrote about Digitale Didaktik in 2009?

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It was super nice to be in Bayreuth today. The student theater group did a fantastic job to voice their feelings and share their experience. What a great introductory and link to my keynote that was about "learning experience design". No, we did not talk before. It just was a match!

Happy Holiday parties at UTN... What a wonderful evening with great dinner at a Thai restaurant (I really can recommend O-sha, Nuremberg) - super nice food. We had a lot of fun! There are a lot of Ups and Downs when inventing a new university, new learning concepts & spaces, and support for students and doctoral researchers, and so forth. But: ...



Ich hab aus "Sofies Welt" von Jostein Gaarder (Norwegen) - ein Roman ueber die Geschichte der Philosophie - vorgelesen. Zudem gab es eine Menge Fragen zu meiner Person und meine Rolle als Vizepraesidentin der UTN und wie man eine neue Uni aufbaut. Es war sehr schoen.

We had a wonderful team day with the "Graduate School", that we call the School of Students and Young Researchers (StaRs) at the University of Technology Nuremberg (UTN). We started with 5 members, now we are 14, by end if this year, 2023.

Am Mittwoch Abend gab es etwas ganz besonderes. Wir waren im Planetarium in Nürnberg. Hier sind meine Folien

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