Here I am

I am Associate Professor of Learning Design & Technologies and  Director of the Information Experience Lab (iE lab),, an UX and LX lab, at our iSchool: School of Information Science and Learning Technologies (SISLT) at the University of Missouri-Columbia,


My research area

My research focuses on sociotechnical-pedagogical design for human-centered learning and work processes. In short, sociotechnical-pedagogical integration means to study the interrelationship of social structures, technical systems and pedagogies (Jahnke, 2015). Through unpacking learning technologies and analyzing user practices, my goal is to contribute improving the meaningful experience of students, workplace learners and teachers in formal and informal learning settings (Jahnke, 2019). I have built this research agenda on two pillars:

a) Digital Didactical Designs (DDD) - the teacher's design of learning toward active/deep and meaningful learning with technologies (Jahnke, 2015) . Under new conditions of CrossActionSpaces (Jahnke, 2015), I study designs for new forms of learning and work.

b) User's and Learner's Experience Research  (UX and LX) that includes usability studies,  meaningful human-computer interaction and sociotechnical integration processes. My research projects apply a variety of methods to develop and investigate learning technologies and to study qualitative and quantitative effects, efficiency and efficacy of such systems.

My theoretical foundations are based on social systems theory (Luhmann, 1999) and social roles (Jahnke, 2005; 2010). My cross-cultural International knowledge has developed from social, educational and computer sciences as a professor in Germany, Sweden and now in the U.S. My published scholarship includes the development of theories, methods and prototypes. I am a researcher, specialized in Design-Based Research, PhD advisor, teacher, instructor, and conduct workshops for university teachers and educational developers on technology integration.

In our SISLT IE lab, we are working with clients from a varity of fields such as Journalism, Computer Science, Engineering, Nursing, Medicine . Recent studies include health care technologies, technologies for older adults and tablet classrooms.


My professional and cultural background:  Germany - Sweden - USA

Born and raised in Germany, I studied social sciences with a focus on technology and got my  M.Sc. degree in 1997 (Diplom-Sozialwiss. Wuppertal University, Germany). My parents didn't get the chance to study, rather I grew up in a traditional working-class family. There was no academic background in my family.

After finishing the M.Sc. degree at the University of Wuppertal, I wanted to see the world outside the academic part, and decided to work as consultant in different organizations such as Prognos (Cologne), MediaCom (Dusseldorf) and Krups Consultants (Dusseldorf) - from 1998 to 2001. It was a great experience. Then, in 2001, I got the opportunity to go back to the university and to reflect my work experience from a research view.

Between 2001 and 2005, I was doctoral student and unviersity teacher in "Informatics and Society" (TU Dortmund university, Germany). I got my Ph.D.  (Dr. phil.) in 2005. I conducted an interdisciplinary study of the dynamics of social roles in higher education in technology-enhanced learning settings. The study bridges informatics, sociology and education. During my post-doc years at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, I also visited the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA, in 2007.  A year later, in 2008, I got my first professorship (Juniorprofessor Hochschuldidaktik, HDZ, TU Dortmund).

From  2011 to 2015, I was Professor at Umea University in Sweden at the Department of Applied Educational Science. I was scientific leader of the research group "ICTML:Digital Didactics", we were focsuing on studies using Scandinavian and German Didaktik apptoaches; (group website). The group is located at the Department of Applied Educational Science with Umeå University in Sweden. During my Swedish time, I visited the University of Florida, USA in 2012.

In 2014, I was general co-chair of the International conference ACM GROUP 2014 which took place on 9-12 November 2014 in Florida/USA together with Sean P. Goggins. The conference topics cover Group work, Information Systems, Sociotechnical Design, Learning Design, and more. Now, I serve has a member of the GROUP Steering Committee: 2018-active.

In 2015, I got the fantastic opportunity to join Mizzou! Since then, I work (I do research and teach) as a professor of Information Science and Learning Technologies and  Director of the Information Experience Lab, University of Missouri-Columbia.

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Overview of Social Media


Director of  the Information Experience Lab and Associate Professor, August 2015 - (active): 

University of Missouri
College of Education
School of Information Science and Learning Technologies (SISLT, iSchool)

Professor, April 2011 - August 2015: 

Professor of "ICT, Media and Learning" (ICTML) at the Department of Applied Educational Sciences, Divison Interactive Media and Learning (IML),
Umeå University, Sweden

Assistant Professor, April 2008 - March 2011:

Juniorprofessor TU Dortmund university, Hochschuldidaktisches Zentrum (HDZ), Germany
Center for Research on Higher Education and Faculty Development (Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Johannes Wildt)

Summer 2007:

Research visitor at the Center for Lifelong Learning (L3D),  University of Colorado at Boulderm USA (Prof. Gerhard Fischer, Ph.D.).

PostDoc, Jan 2005 - March 2008:

Post-Doctoral researcher, Informations- und Technikmanagement (Department of Information and Technology Management (IMTM; Prof. Dr. Thomas Herrmann), Institut für Arbeitswissenschaft (IAW), Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

20 December 2005

Disputation (PhD defense), publication in May 2006.

PhD Student, April 2001 - Dec 2004:

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiterin, PhD student, Informatik & Gesellschaft (Computer Science Faculty) Universität Dortmund, Germany.

Work, January 1997 - March 2001:

1997-1998: Prognos AG (Köln), 1998: MediaRes (Düsseldorf), 1999-2001: Krups Consultants GmbH (Düsseldorf), Germany

University, 1992 - 1997:

Diplom-Sozialwissenschaften, Fokus Techniksoziologie (Study program Social Science focusing on Sociology of Technology), Universität Wuppertal, Germany


1988-1991 - Nikolaus-Ehlen-Gymnasium, Velbert-Mitte (Germany)
1982-1988 - Heinrich-Kölver Realschule, Velbert-Neviges (Germany)
1978-1982 - Grundschule Kuhstrasse, Velbert-Langenberg (Germany)


Married to Ralf Jahnke-Wachholz
Father: passed away April 2016
Mother: retired
Sister: Dora


Prof. Dr. Isa Jahnke is Director of Research for the Information Experience Lab and Associate Professor at the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies (SISLT) at the University of Missouri, USA. From 2011-2015, she was Professor and scientific leader of the research group “ICT, media and learning” (ICTML) at Umeå University in Sweden at the Department of Applied Educational Sciences, Devision of Interactive Media and Learning (IML).
After her degree in social sciences (1997), she worked at consultancy firms (1998-2001) and was PhD student at the University of Dortmund, "Informatik and Society" (Dept. Computer Science), 2001-2005 in Germany. After her dissertation in 2005 about the dynamics of social roles in learning communities, she was post-doctoral researcher at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Information and Technology Management (2006-2008). From 2008-2011, she was assistant professor at the Center for Research on Higher Education (Hochschuldidaktik), TU Dortmund, Germany. She visited the L3D Center for Lifelong Learning, University of Colorado at Boulder/USA in 2007 and the University of Florida in Gainesville/USA, Educational Technology in 2012.
Her different scientific positions led to a strong interdisciplinary approach embracing sociology, informatics (computer science) and educational science towards Digital Didactical Designs. Isa's research groups study Digital Designs from different perspectives: bridging nonformal and formal learning, knowledge co-construction in mobile learning, game-based learning in teacher education and blended learning focusing on creative teaching spaces to enable learning. The Swedish group conductrf several research projects, “Odder: Media Tablets in Danish Schools“ and “iPads in Swedish and Finnish Schools“. Her research group in Missouri conducts studies of Augmented Experience with mobile devices, and other forms of creative designs for learning.
Isa Jahnke was general co-chair of the International conference ACM Group’14 together with Sean P. Goggins. She was conference chair of IML2011, DOSS2010 and HDHF2009. She is editorial board member of the international journal of Sociotechnology and Knowledge development (ijSKD) and reviewer for several journals and conferences, for ecample, ijCSCL, ijCSCW, CTS, IEEE TLT, ijMBL, ZFHE, ijWBC, GMW, etc. Finished grants are DaVINCI (BMBF, Germany) where the teacher’s conceptions on students’ creativity have been studied,  the EU-project PeTEX, Platform for eLearning and Telemetric Experimentation, and the Swedish Research Council grant for Digital Didactical Designs in iPad classrooms.
Dr. Jahnke has more than 110 publications including double-blind peer reviewed papers, conferences and book chapters. The  edited book by Sean P. Goggins, Isa Jahnke and Volker Wulf entitled “Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning at Work” (Springer) has been published in May 2013. The book contributes to a new research agenda in the era of Social Media bridging ‘learning what is known’ and ‘learning when the answer is not known’, and follows the agenda to bridge learning and workplaces. Her new book (Routledge/2016) draws an alternative view of the digital era. When offline and online worlds are merging together, humans create CrossActionSpaces. Under these new conditions, Isa Jahnke studies creative designs for learning, "Digital Didactical Designs - Teaching and Learning in CrossActionSpaces".


About me

Oct 2012... More than 15 years experience in

12 years experiences in Design-based research; conducting applied research in many different  projects (Research and Development) within both CSCL and CSCW domains plus 3 years experience in different consultancy firms    

Isa's official website at Umeå Universitet

My official website at Umeå universitet is online. Go to..... IML group (IML = Interactive Media and Learning) IML is one of 4 groups at Applied Educational Science (TUV), Faculty of Social Sciences, Umeå...


I 'm a researcher, teacher and trainer in "academic development". My academic background actually is in sociology and social sciences - with connections to applied educational and computer science. Within my PhD work, I became a more interdisciplinary researcher. Therefore, I would label...

Where I have been the years ago

CV Professor (since 4/2011) Umeå university, Department of Applied Educational Science, Interactive Media and Learning Professor in in ICT, Media and Learning Assistant Professor Hochschuldidaktisches Zentrum (HDZ), TU Dortmund I spent 3 years (4/2008 - 3/2011) at the Center...