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Professional development does not only include the readings of new models or methods. It may also include training of the newest innovative pedagogy.

Here is my list of professional development events that I attended as a participant to learn more about ... 

Professional Development

Feb. 2021 - Online Teaching Certificate, University of Missouri, online course (6 weeks)

Aug. 2017 - Nureva Inc. Collaboration Room (1-day), University of Missouri,

Jan. 2010 - Facilitation Techniques for Supporting and Moderating Teams (2-days), TU Dortmund University, Germany

March 2006 - Conflict Management in Academic Groups (2-days), Bochum University, Germany

Jan. 2006 - Management of Teams (1-day), Duisburg-Essen University, Germany

April 2003-02/2004 -  Coaching (focus on Higher Education), 1-year training for advisors, Organizers: J. Wildt & team; TU Dortmund University, Germany

March 2002 - Methods and Techniques of Moderation (2-days), (how to plan and conduct workshops), Organizer: Mrs. Gila Brandt-Herrmann, Germany

Jan. 1998 -  Humans in Organizations - a Tavistock Conference about Managing Groups, Self Management in Roles, Dynamic Processes in Organizations (10-days), Organizers: B. Sievers and team; Wuppertal University, Germany