The other side of a professor

Imagine that each window represents a meeting, a committee or board at the university.  Administration, and involvement in discussing and creating new policies, are important jobs of a professor.

There you have the chance to design the future of higher education!

Here is my list with my activities... and it will grow.

Institutional Service (Selection)

(Hochschulische Selbstverwaltung)

University/Campus level

2022-active Founding Vice President for Academic and International Affairs (digital learning)

2020-2021 MU Teaching for Learning Center, Advisory Board member

2019-2020 MU Research Council

Fall 2018-active MU Faculty Development Advisory Committee (Provost committee)

Spring 2018 MU Graduate Faculty Senate

College level (Fakultät)

2016-2021 Financial Awards Committee (FAC)

Fall 2018 Research Growth Group (led by Associate Dean Dr. Bergin)

2014-2015 Faculty Committee, College of Social Sciences, Umeå University, Sweden

2008-2011 Co-leader of the Center for Research on Higher Education and Faculty Development, TU Dortmund, Germany

2008-2011 Head of the Team "IT support and new media" at the HDZ, Center for Research on Higher Education and Faculty Development (HDZ), TU Dortmund, Germany

2006-2007 Faculty Board Member, Institute for Applied Work Science, Bochum University

2002-2004 Member of Steering Committee and Advisor for Study Management, Department of Computer Science, TU Dortmund, Germany

Department level (Institute)

2018-2020 Academic Personnel Committee, APC, Member

2016-2021 Financial Awards and Scholarships Committee, Chair

2015-2021 Director of the Information Experience Lab

2017-2018 Search Committee SISLT Faculty position, Member

2017-2018 Search Committee SISLT NTT position for Kansas City location, Member

2017-2018 Alumni events organization with Jane Howland

2012-2015 Research Committee, Member, Department of Applied Educational Science, Umeå University, Sweden

2008-2011 Steering Committee Member, Center for Research on Higher Education (HDZ), TU Dortmund, Germany

2008-2011 Head of team  "IT support", Center for Research on Higher Education (HDZ), TU Dortmund, Germany

2006-2007 Study program re-accreditation, Master of Organizational Management (MOM), IAW, RUB, Germany

2005-2007 Website Team Leader, Institute for Applied Work Science, Bochum University

Outreach - Local Community Service (Missouri) / Transfer-Activities

2020 Several workshops/presentations for faculty/instructors, "how to do online courses"

Fall 2019 Workshops for teachers; tablet integration in Pilot Grove schools, Missouri

Spring 2017 iPads in Columbia Public Schools (studying 20 classrooms)

2016-2017 Mobile technologies in Kansas City Public Schools (MU MPER funded, classroom visits and workshops for teachers)

Summer 2016 LeXMizzou: Location-Based Augmented Campus Tour for new students: Event with 130 Brazil students, University of Missouri-Columbia

Additional Service

2009- (inactive) Vertrauensdozentin der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung, Germany