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The Association for Educational Communication & Technology - AECT - has its annual conference of 2017 in Florida


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SocioTechnical Walkthrough (STWT) - A Collaborative, Human-Centered Design & Development Method for Projects

Isa Jahnke*, So Mi Kim*, Joi Moore*, & Alexander Nolte**
*University of Missouri-Columbia
**University of Pittsburgh

The half-day workshop has two goals, understanding and application of the Sociotechnical-Walkthrough (STWT). The STWT (Herrmann et al., 2004) is a participatory design and development method that supports collaborative work among educational designers, programmers and users (e.g., learners, teachers) to elicit workflows and communication processes while anticipating technology support. Participants will learn how to apply the STWT in different stages of a project-STWT can be used in the beginning of projects or during IT refinement to gain deeper understanding of specific functionalities.

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