AECT 2017: "Embracing Student Creativity: the Need for Teachers and Leaders"


The Association for Educational Communication & Technology, AECT,
has its annual conference 2017 in Florida, Jacksonville
Nov 6-11, 2017


Two presentations have been accepted and I am happy to share research results for educational practitioners, doctoral students, teachers and leaders.

a) Embracing Student Creativity: the Need for Creative Teachers and Leaders
*Isa Jahnke (University of Missouri); *Tobias Haertel; *Claudius Terkowsky (TU Dortmund University)

Abstract. Over the last five years, we conducted research on creativity in higher education including qualitative and quantitative data. We here will present the results of the 6-Facets-Model for creativity-enhancing teaching and learning practices. The results point to two important requirements: (1) Educators who want to foster their students' creativity need an appropriate and easy to apply method, tool or instrument to (re-) design their courses. (2) Whoever wants to foster somebody else's creativity needs to be creative as well.

b) Digital Didactical Designs as a Framework for iPad/Tablet classrooms
*Isa Jahnke (University of Missouri); *Swapna Kumar (University of Florida)

Abstract. We present results from ipad classroom observations and show examples of innovative iPad classrooms. The past 5 years we developed a framework for evaluating the design for meaningful learning with tablets/iPads. We present the results of the Digital Didactical Design, DDD, model and reveal how teachers, instructors, leaders, and students can use this DDD model for (self-)evaluating their teaching and learning practices using tablets, and how this model helps to improve meaningful learning with technologies.