AECT D&D Webinar in March 2019: Learner and User Experience


AECT D&D Webinar on

(D&D = Design and Development group)

Learner and User Experience - An Introduction for the Field of Learning Design & Technology

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019;
1:00-1:45pm EST

URL: and watch here

Matthew Schmidt, PhD, University of Florida

Andrew Tawfik, PhD, University of Memphis

Yvonne Earnshaw, PhD, University of Alabama

Isa Jahnke, PhD, University of Missouri

Humans' responses to experiences are central to the learning process. User and learner experience design (UX and LX, respectively) focuses on designing learning in a human-centered manner so as to provide learners with experiences that intentionally propel them towards learning goals. Join experts in the field to learn about the role of UX and LX design in the field of Learning Design & Technology (LDT). Specifically, UX and LX will be discussed from the perspectives of usability & UX theory, phases and processes, methods, and best practices.

Given that research and design of user and learner experience in the field of Learning Design & Technology are limited, the presenters will also introduce their upcoming open access book on UX and LX in LDT. This introductory book targets a variety of audiences - from students who are beginning their program of study to faculty who teach in HCI, usability, and related programs - focusing specifically on the theory and practice of UX and LX in the field of LDT. Participants are invited to contribute to this edited volume, which has an anticipated publication date of early 2020. Further details will be provided during the webinar.