AECT Division of Design & Development - President Elect - THANK YOU ALL!


AECT,  is an international association for educational communications and technologies and provides resources and conferences for researchers and practitioners. It started in 1923 -- yes, that many years of research in the field of learning and instructional technologies!  Of course, with different technologies at the time.

AECT has several divisions such as Distance Learning, International, Teacher Education, and many more. And AECT also has a division of Design & Development (D&D).  D&D supports topics around learning design and learning technologies.

Now AECT results are in and -- Wohooo --  I've been elected in the D&D division as President Elect. THANK YOU ALL! Congratulations to the new elected people!

The next opportunity to meet us at AECT: Oct 24-28, 2022 in Las Vegas or online.