CfP: Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) at the workplace learning


Call for PapersWorkshop at ACM GROUP 2012
"CSCL@Work Revisited - Beyond CSCL and CSCW" - Research, Practice, Design for Work-based Learning,

We announce an interdisciplinary workshop to explore key design principles of collaborative learning in the workplace. The workshop's theme is, simply "learning at the workplace", work-based learning, and more specific "Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) at the workplace" - CSCL@Work; CSCL at work. Our first workshop at ACM Group 2010, and the resulting book (Springer), raise an important set of issues and potentials for research, but does not solve the thorny and controversial issues. This second workshop will be focused on for making progress on the identified issues.
The ACM Group conference remains an ideal venue for a workshop on this topic because the North American and European communities who participate in Group include leading members of the international CSCL and CSCW communities.

Global economic upheaval framed by socially disconnected financial commodity prices, and an increasing need for energy define the grand social setting for this workshop. It is a time of unique peril and opportunity that will draw upon diverse research communities for solutions. In this context, learning is no longer an activity that is separate from work. Learning at work is also about more than acquiring new information to perform a task, but about developing new knowledge to help a firm, an organization or a government improve its services in socially measurable as well as economically measurable ways.
Three goals motivate the proposal for this workshop:

  • 1) To identify and discuss key design principles (social, technical, sociotechnical, didactical/pedagogical design) of CSCL@Work, presented by the organizers and discussants.
  • 2) To identify theoretical and methodological commonalities and contrasts across the represented disciplines relative to CSCL@Work.
  • 3) To continue with cultivating a community who share an interest in exploring collaborative learning in the workplace.

The guiding question is:
Are There Key Design Principles for Computer Supported Collaborative Learning at the Workplace?

The workshop will be a full day (27/28 October, 2012) on Sanibel Island/Florida. It will open with a situating presentation by the organizers and, participant questions and proposed solutions aimed at the issues we have raised and begun to recognize, and focus working groups on the resolution of those issues in work to follow the conference. The workshop is organized as a mix of brainstorming, small group interactions and invited outstanding speakers.

Following outstanding experts will participate and present their work towards CSCL@Work:
--John Seely Brown (USA)
--Gerhard Fischer, University of Colorado at Boulder (USA),
--Thomas Herrmann, University of Bochum (Germany),
--Anders Mørch, University of Oslo (Norway),
--Rob Procter, Manchester eResearch Centre (UK),
--Gerry Stahl, Drexel University (USA),

To participate in the workshop, discussants will be asked for a position paper of up to 4 pages due to July/31, 2012 in standard ACM format via eMail to the organizers and The contribution should include the author's motivation, why s/he wants to attend and the connection of the author's work or research studies to the topic of CSCL@Work.

Our edited book (Springer, in preparation) will be made available to participants in advance, and selected authors who will be present will provide overviews of their work and perspective in an interleaved way with the more action oriented working sessions.

ACM Group2012 conference, Sanibel Island/Florida
The Workshop takes place on Saturday, October 27th *or* Sunday, October 28th.Workshop ORGANIZERS
Sean Goggins (USA),
Isa Jahnke (Sweden),
Volker Wulf (Germany)