Congratulations to Drs. Lars Norqvist, Karyn Sandström, Anders Norberg and Katja Ninnemann


Congratulations to my former PhD students from my time in Umeå and beyond. We walked together for a while, up and down the research road, and it was a wonderful journey. :-)

Congratulations again to

  • Dr. Lars Norqvist (Umeå University), "Framing perceived values of education: when perspectives of learning and ICTs are related" (2016);
  • Dr. Karyn Sandström (Umeå University), "Peer Review Practices of L2 Doctoral Students in the Natural Sciences" (2016)
  • Dr. Anders Norberg (Umeå University), "From 'blended learning to learning onlife" (2017);
  • and today (May 2017) Dr. Katja Ninnemann defended her thesis at TU Vienna, in German, "Das Hochschulmanagement als dritter Pädagoge und Innovationstreiber von Lernraumgestaltungsmaßnahmen. Perspektiven zur räumlichen Übersetzung des "Shift from Teaching to Learning".