COSCI12 Conference on Science and the Internet

The interdisciplinary conference "Science and the Internet", to be held August 1-3, 2012 in Düsseldorf, brings together researchers and practitioners from multiple disciplines (e.g. information science, computer science, sociology, communication and media studies, linguistics, educations studies, legal studies, etc.) discussing a broad range of topics pertaining to internet use in science.

Program (PDF) 

Keynote Speakers

1 Aug

Axel Bruns,  (Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, Australia): "Notes towards the Scientific Study of Public Communication on Twitter"

2 Aug

Isa Jahnke (Umeå University, Sweden): "Informal Learning via Social Media: Does it Affect Formal Teaching and new Concepts of Science?"

3 Aug

Ralph Schroeder,  (Oxford Internet Institute, Great Britain): "Digital Transformations of Research"