CSCL@Workplace Learning - follow-up workshop at ECSCW2011


Workshop about "Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning at the Workplace - CSCL@W"

CALL for POSITION PAPERS --- Workplace learning is different than knowledge management or collaborative work because it involves identifying information when the answer to a problem is not known. Knowledge creation activities like these are phenomena that occur at the intersection of research on knowledge management, computer supported cooperative work (CSCW) and computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL). In practice, computer support for collaborative learning in the workplace (CSCL at Work) can aid the creation of new products (e.g., better wheels for the winter), new social innovations (like management of open innovation processes) or other services (e.g., remote laboratories for mechanical engineering). CSCL at Work supports creativity and innovation among working people. Research on CSCL, in contrast, is focused on the acquisition of core skills, usually in K12 students. In this workshop, nine dimensions of CSCL at Work, identified in our first workshop at ACM Group 2010 (Sanibel, USA) are tested against new case studies supplied by participants.

With this second workshop in September 2011 at e-CSCW 2011 (Denmark) we will take a critical CSCW community centered perspective on our framework for CSCL at Work.

More information on (conference website) and (workshop website).