Katja Ninnemann: Innovative Designs of Learning Spaces (Dissertation)


It has arrived - finally! I have Katja's dissertation in my hands. :-) Congratulations again Dr. Katja Ninnemann!

I am grateful to play a small  advisor role during her work.

Katja studied innovation processes and the design of physical and hybrid learning spaces in higher education. She reveals the new meaning of the "Third Pedagogue" in the implementation process when colleges are shifting from teaching to learning. She demonstrates how five International innovative universities develop hybrid learning spaces (online/offline) and based on empirical data she developed an analytical model that is useful for colleges and universities to make informed decisions.

Her PhD thesis has been published with Waxmann Publisher.

Here is the brochure (in German):

Ninnemann_Innovationsprozesse und Potentiale der Lernraumgestaltung an Hochschulen_2018_Flyer Waxmann.pdf (170,7 kB)