Education Committee of ISLS


The ISLS - International Society of the Learning Sciences - has new members of the Education Committee- HURRAY :-)

Congrats to Marcela Borge, Julia Eberle, Sean Goggins, Yotam Hod, Isa Jahnke, David Shaffer, and Jan van Aalst to the Education Committee, 

A first product is on Vimeo about midcareer,  . In this video, Sean P. Goggins and Isa Jahnke (both Univ. of Missour, iSchool) have "Fun with Mid career", and try to answer the following three questions,

  • What did you wish you knew at an early stage of your scientific career?
  • What advice can you give for scaling up your research agenda?
  • What are your strategies for building a professional reputation?