GoogleGlass and Recon - Learning Expeditions for New Students on Campus Using Smart Glasses


This is the day. I (we, the IElab) got GoogleGlass. Last week, we visited the department of Computer Science, Dr. Prasad Calyam  and team. They created a demo with Recon smart glasses. Nice.

We are coming closer to our project idea. Kick off of the pilot project will be on Thursday, Oct/29,  2015 in the IELab.  We are a nice team, very interdisciplinary with a lot of different expertise, including PhD students, post-docs, K12 Mizzou Online people, International students and more.

Have you seen Amazing Race on TV? This is what we want to do to, just for new students with diverse backgrounds exploring the campus at Mizzou. The challenge is threefold, a technical solution, a pedagogical assignment and a social interaction mediated through smart glasses.

So, let get started!

LexMizzou is coming... in summer 2016!



  • Sara Ringbauer, Ph.D. student, SISLT (GoogleGlass explorer)
  • Michele Kroll, Ed.S. student, SISLT
  • Shann Bosaller, M. Ed. student, LSDD, SISLT
  • Evalyne McInnish, M.A. student, LIS, SISLT

Mizzou K-12 Online

  • Dr. Krista Galyen, Mizzou K-12 Online, MU
  • Tanya Haeussler, Chief Business Development Officer, Mizzou K-12 Online, MU
  • Ta (Thitiun) Boonseng


  • Dr. Fatih Demir, Post Doctoral Fellow, IELab, SISLT
  • Neeley Current, IELab Manager, SISLT

SISLT / iSchool

  • So Mi Kim, Post Doctoral Fellow, SISLT
  • Dr. Sean P. Goggins, Assoc. Prof., SISLT (expert on data tracing)

Engineering / Computer Science

  • Dr. Prasad Calyam, Asst. Prof. and his team (expert on creating technical application for wearables)

Coordinator / Leader

  • Dr. Isa Jahnke, Assoc. Prof. SISLT, iSchool (expert on sociotechnical-pedagogical design)