I am on Scholar.Social (#Mastodon)


Now, you also find me on Scholar.Social  https://scholar.social/publichttps://scholar.social/about with my user name  isaja@scholar.social - joind April 27, 2022. Mastodon has several instances and you can follow me even if you are not in the Scholar instance but anywhere else (e.g., Bildung.Social)

I am still on Twitter (isaja), Linkedin (isajahnke) and Instagram (isajahnke2022 - new!) - but I don't use Facebook/Meta anymore.


From the Admin:

"Why Scholar Social registrations are close :

We've spent 5 years developing a culture at Scholar that is intentionally different from Twitter and even from academic Twitter (with varying degrees of success).

We're more chill, we're in academia but intensely critical of academia, we're anti-racist and pro-queer; we're "the teacher's break room of the Fediverse". I'm not going to throw that all away, trampled by an influx of users who think that this space is just different Twitter.

Of course, we're open to having new friends join us, but with what's going on over at Twitter, the number of people trying to join is high enough that I honestly can't tell the spam signups from the legit ones, so we've gone invite-only. If you want to join Scholar, and you understand what kind of space you're joining and want to be a part of that. Reach out to the admin and I'll give you an invitation to join."

The Admin, Scholar.Social https://scholar.social/about  (Oct 28, 2022)

P.S. And, other instances may be still open, e.g., Bildung.Social, NRW.Social, Hessen.Social etc. etc.  A list of instances is, for example, here available https://joinmastodon.org/servers  or https://github.com/McKael/mastodon-documentation/blob/master/Using-Mastodon/List-of-Mastodon-instances.md (or google: list mastodon instances)