I visited the University of Florida in Gainesville


I visited the Educational Technology Program and Professor Swapna Kumar at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL, in November 2012.

We visited a school in St. Petersburg which implemented iPads (Shorecrest Preparatory School https://www.facebook.com/ShorecrestPrep?ref=stream ). Very inspiring.... and I see some similarities to the Odder Denmark 1:1 ipad project. For example, a very creative atmosphere among the teachers and students.

At the UF in Gainesville, I participated at a course organized from the Educational Technology Progam, https://education.ufl.edu/educational-technology  at the College of Education (UF, Florida) where Swapna Kumar, https://www.swapnakumar.com/  conducts fantastic research studies together with her doctoral students. I also could visit a 2nd school which uses iPads: PK Yonge school in Gainesvile https://www.pkyonge.ufl.edu . "Schools without boarder". The new building is constructed in a way that they don't have doors.

I've been invited to the International Day. I gave a presentation about Swedish schools and teacher education in Sweden (see photo). And finnaly, I also met the very famous Professor Chuck Dziuban https://sciences.ucf.edu/statistics/dms/people/board/charles-d-dziuban/ from the University of Central Florida. Gainesville was fantastic!