ICED2014  - Educational Developers Conference


The ICED2014 conference took place in Stockholm.

The keynote has been given by Graham Gibbs which makes it really clear what ICED is about; see photo. Existing teaching practices, traditions, habits... are non-reflective, they are "taken for granted". Educational developers need to be aware of alternative practices, says Graham Gibbs. Read also the Twitter hastag #iced2014 for further information.

Three presentations from our group have been accepted and were presented:

  • - Digital Didactical Designs (Isa Jahnke et al.)
  • - The multifacets of blended learning (Anders Norberg & Isa Jahnke)
  • - Fostering Creativity in Higher Education (Tobias Haertel, Isa Jahnke, Johannes Wildt)