IEEE Cloud Computing: ElderCare-as-a-SmartService (ECaaS)


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"There is an increasing demand to develop innovations in eldercare technologies that can be delivered as 'Apps' at a cloud-scale to facilitate proactive monitoring and targeted care coordination. This article presents the design for an 'ElderCare-as-a-SmartService' (ECaaS) system that integrates Apps for in-home health monitoring, and remote physical therapy coaching, respectively. The focus is on the transformation of the Apps into a cloud-based living lab, which then enables on-going App development/refinement to realize a real-world enhanced living environment for eldercare that is secure, privacy-preserving and socially embedded. We detail the system and network requirements for cloud-based delivery of ECaaS Apps featuring sensor data analysis and interactive interfaces across urban, suburban and rural areas. We conclude with a proposal for sociotechnical investigations that can be lead to a human-centered design that engages older adults and care coordinators as co-developers of ECaaS, while also simultaneously improving their quality of life."

Cited from:

P. Calyam, I. Jahnke, A. Mishra, R.B. Antequera, D. Chemodanov, M. Skubic ( 2017). Toward an ElderCare Living Lab for Sensor-Based Health Assessment and Physical Therapy. In IEEE Cloud Computing 4 (3), pp. 30-39.