Interdisciplinary Innovations Fund 2016/2017 Award


Are you a student at the University of Missouri-Columbia? Do you want to co-design games for learning with AR technology? Then work with us!

We are happy to announce that we received the Interdisciplinary Innovations Fund 2016/2017 Award for our project called "Students as Game Designers for Learning eXpeditions at Mizzou: LeXMizzou".Using Augmented Reality technologies, students design and develop games for learning expeditions, surrounding a theme of their choice connected to learning at the University of Missouri (Mizzou); the games for learning can be played on mobile devices.


The overall goal of the Learning Expedition at Mizzou (LeXMizzou) project is to give students access to become game designers for learning. Students design, develop, and test an augmented mobile application around a theme which they freely choose. When students have the chance to co-design learning, how do students design for learning in a creative way that motivates learning? For example, a theme can be related to a learning motive in Teacher Education, STEM+C, Humanities, Arts, Journalism, Nursing, Math, Professional Development, and so forth. A theme also can be a personal learning experience that a student wants to share, e.g., learning what it means be a student at Mizzou. LeXMizzou offers students access to a multitude of stories and points of connection to the institution transformed into an augmented game based learning expedition. Further information www.lexmizzou.comTimeline:

  • In Spring 2017, an open call for student participation will be distributed. We will invite 25 students. Each student can earn $100 if she or he successfully contributes to the game development.
  • In Fall 2017, approximately 25 students in 5-6 groups will design games for learning using Augmented Reality technologies, for example ARIS or GuidiGo. They design, develop, test the prototypes with usability studies, and refine their AR games for learning. In the end of the semester, a Mizzou Game Day will showcase the games. Two awards will be given to the best teams, a) People Choice and b) the Expert Choice awards (each $500 prize).

Further information: