iPads in preschool teacher education


Surfplattor in förskolalärarutbildning vid Umeå universitet

The project started one year ago and today, we conducted workshop No 5 "iPad Didactics" for university teachers. The main aim was to reflect, plan and design learning activities as a process to enable learning. Isa Jahnke gave input from the theoretical approach on Digital Didactics (Didaktik). Then, 1-2 courses running with iPads in preschool teacher education at Umeå University (Tillämpad utbildningsvetenskap) were presented. The idea was to "inspire" teachers and students and to reflect, plan and create new courses using iPads in higher education.

Our understanding is that teachers are collaborative learners at the workplace! In student learning, the iPad can be useful to make learning as process visible. It's all about "making learning visible" and support peer-reflective learning to help students in their learning progress.

  • Blog for the 1st student cohort: https://apps.iml.umu.se/wordpress/ipadproj/
  • Blog for the new 2nd students cohort: https://spifu.blogspot.se (under construction)

Practical information for FINDING APPS: There are two websites helping to find appropriate apps for different learning activities,