It's now Dr. Kanu Singh! CONGRATS!!!


Congratulations to now Dr. Kanu Priya Singh! I am super happy and super proud! She is a rising super star in the field of UX and learning technologies. She studied "entangled collaborations" in cybersecurity research where cross-disciplinary teams worked together such as domain scientists from bioengieering and health care together with computer scientists and UX researchers.

A must read for all, who work in cross- or interdisciplinary teams.

Main message: do not try to design the elements of a sociotechnical system or ecology but design for meaningful relations.

On the photo from left to right, you see her committee members, all from Univ. of Missouri-Columbia except me (I left in 2021).

top: Dr Jane Howland, Kanu Singh, Dr Matt Easter

bottom: Dr. Jenny Bossaller, and myself (chair)