It's now DR. Michele Kroll: CONGRATS!!!


Let's celebrate!

I am super happy and super proud! It is now Dr. Michele Kroll (on the photo, bottom right). She defended her PhD thesis.It is a great study on
"Exploring the Quality of Multi Modal Student Dialogue Using Social VR in an Online Course". I hope she publishes her thesis soon. The world needs to know :-)

Our joint adventure ends, but I hope a new journey begins - and our paths cross again. We met the first time in 2015/16 at the University of Missouri-Columbia. And I can't believe it should be over now. It is hard to let go :-)

Michele is an experienced educator and instructional designer in higher education. Currently, she works with UNH Extension, University of New Hampshire, United States, and develops a pilot program to promote positive brain health and increased memory skills for older adults. Follow her on Linkedin:

On the photo, left to right, her committee members:

Dr. Antonio Castro, me (chair), Dr. Danielle Oprean,
Dr. Jane Howland (all but me from the University of Missouri-Columbia)