Looking back and looking forward - Keynote in Norway / Chair of ACM Group 2014


Exciting weeks! Really exciting.


I have been invited to Norway nearby Oslo and did present our research work about tablets in schools. The "Centre for ICT in education" (Norway) organized a National conference for schools (teachers , leaders,...) with the title "Nettbrett i skolen" (tablets in schools); it was a 2-day event from 25-26 Sept 2014. Further information in Norwegian:  https://iktsenteret.no/kalender/nettbrett-i-skolen-2014#.VBRACUhY6Tp

  • My keynote speech on Friday 26 Sept has been video-recorded and will be online in few days. I will share the YouTube link as soon I will get it!
  • My slides are here to download (PDF, 22 MB): SLIDES


From 9-12 November 2014, there will be the next ACM GROUP 2014 conference which deals with research topics such as sociotechnical design, CSCW, IS, Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) and more. I am general co-chair together with Sean P. Goggins (Univ. of Missouri) and just happy that we organize just an exciting event!