Rethinking Chemistry Education

Madeleine Ramstedt and team from Umea University in Sweden started to rethink teaching and learning for chemistry students in higher education. They faced the challenge to engage students.  How to turn them from consumers to more active producers of knowledge? They created a  new course following the principles of problem-based learning and they used different web-based technologies such as Wikis and more. Then, they studied it, and asked whether the students and teachers appreciate the new course. The results show that the team did a great job. Published now!

Open Access:
Madeleine Ramstedt, Tomas Hedlund, Erik Björn, Jerker Fick, & Isa Jahnke (2016). Rethinking chemistry in higher education towards technology-enhanced problem-based learning. In Education Inquiry (EDUI) 2016, Vol. 7, No. 2, 27287,  pp. 115-135.