#tagga2014 and GoogleGlass -- Eva Mårell-Olsson


#tagga2014 is a new research project at our group IML/TUV.

Project leader is Dr. Eva Mårell-Olsson (on the photo left)

One of the highlights is "Google Glass" which Eva Mårell-Olsson will receive. Eva Mårell-Olsson is one of the very few European people who "won" to get Google Glasses:  https://cs.stanford.edu/people/karpathy/glass/

The project aims to explore the connection of non-formal learning and learning processes with regard to the curriculum in schools. Within the "European capital of Culture year 2014" in Umeå, Sweden, students attend some of the events... and learn? The questions are: What do students learn there (in nonformal settings), can they make it visible and how is it related to the school curriculum and the given teaching/learning objectives?

In particular, the project studies on how those learning processes (outside of classrooms) can be documented and made ​​visible. The documented learning "items" will be linked to the goals of the policy documents (curriculum) via a web service which will be developed for this purpose. During different events in 2014, students document their learning through text, image, audio or moving image and then upload the file to a web service, and evaluate the learning process with regard to the national curriculum.

Blog (in Swedish)

Steering group
Professor Isa Jahnke
Docent Fredrik Paulsson
Lektor Eva Mårell-Olsson
Doktorand Lars Norqvist