The socio-technical construction of creativity


Creativity is a socio-technical construction and is not an objective fact at all.

How do people social-technically construct creativity in a specific context like schools; what does creativity consist of with regard to teaching and learning from the teachers' perspective and how can it be supported? From our projects, one in the field of creativity in higher education (DaVINCI, together with Tobias Haertel and Johannes Wildt, Germany), and a second about iPad-classrooms in Danish schools, we present and discuss didactical concepts with regard to 'learning to be creative' using mobile devices what we call iPad-Didactics. Read: isajahnke-MLCW-workshop-paper.pdf (workshop paper by Isa Jahnke, #EC-TEL2012 #MLCW12).


Isa Jahnke (2012): Preparing Didactical Designs for Learning to be Creative Using iPads. In: "Mobile Learning and Creativity Workshop" (MLCW12) at the European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2012, Saarbrücken (Germany), 19 September 2012.