The StaRs Team is growing...


We had a wonderful team day with the "Graduate School", that we call the School of Students and Young Researchers (StaRs) at the University of Technology Nuremberg (UTN). We started with 5 members, now we are 14, by end if this year, 2023. 

The Graduate School is much more than a typically U.S. graduate school, I would say. We are also responsible for the Instructional Design and Digital Teaching and Learning Experience Design (w/ our learning management system), we are an Early Career Center, we also host the DEI Office (Diversity, Equity, and Iinclusion), we have a team for student services, and doctoral affairs, and we do all the development in the field of quality management, but that is not all. We also have team members who implement our campus management system called UTNexus, and finally, the international network team is also a part of StaRs.

Say Hi to all of our members (see photo below) - they do an excellent job, go beyond the challenges when developing a totally new university from scratch. I am so proud of all of them - if I am allowed to say that.